单片机s (MCUs) are integrated circuits used to automate and control devices.  一个微控制器系统由至少一个CPU,内存和I/O组成.  They are an indispensable part of today’s technological world and most modern devices contain them – washing machines, 电话, 手推车, 机器人剪草机, 遥控器, 和更多的. 

处理器通常被称为微处理器.  They are different from a microcontroller as they focus on performance rather than application.  They tend to have fewer peripherals and often have internal functionality that provides acceleration for their particular algorithms.  这可能包括内部内存缓存, 复杂的数据和指令总线, 复杂的内部指令单元(管道), 算术指令单元(alu)和监督电路.  Modern microprocessors can contain hardware accelerators for particular algorithms or graphics processing.

VRG Components can source any electronic parts that are hard to find – in short supply (allocations), 生命的结束, 或者需要很长的准备时间——尤其是 微控制器和处理器.  我们利用经过仔细审查的广泛网络来做到这一点, reliable suppliers to provide you with the right components to meet your needs.

我们的任务是供应难觅之物, high 质量 electronic components to maximize our customer’s production processes.  With the ability to source components from more than 500 leading manufacturers we can secure the 微控制器和处理器 required for your project.

找到你的电子元件 寻找难以找到的微控制器和处理器mg冰球突破全屏下载? 使用零件查找器或与我们mg冰球突破豪华版下载.

单片机 & 处理器 应用程序

A microcontroller  is a special type of chip that is often used in built-in applications.  它们通常有一个集成的内存来运行它们的应用程序.  典型的微控制器应用包括但不限于:

  • mg冰球突破全屏下载发动机控制系统
  • 植入式医疗设备
  • 办公机器
  • 电器,电动工具,玩具和遥控器
  • 其他嵌入式系统

A processor, also called a microprocessor, focuses on performance instead of application.  Microprocessors are used today in everything from the smallest embedded systems and handheld devices to the largest mainframes and supercomputers.  典型的微处理器应用包括但不限于:

  • 电脑、平板电脑 & 智能手机
  • mg冰球突破全屏下载 Motor Speed Control, Temperature Control, AV Multimedia Systems, Breaking Mechanisms
  • 交通信号灯控制
  • 通信设备和卫星通信
  • 家用电器,电视和游戏控制器
  • 工业控制器


The sourcing experts at VRG Components focus on meeting your specific industry needs which is the starting point of our comprehensive worldwide service.  Our global team keeps up with the changing industry requirements and complies with these requirements as it pertains to sourcing.  你有我们专业的专家的支持.



VRG Components is proud to offer reliable electronic components from major microcontroller and processor manufacturers such as: 

阿尔特拉      AMD      模拟设备      爱特梅尔公司      柏树      飞思卡尔      FTDI芯片      英飞凌      微芯片      

NXP      Qualcomm      瑞萨      飞索半导体      意法半导体      德州仪器公司      赛灵思公司


高级微设备公司生产微处理器, 主板芯片组, 用于服务器的嵌入式处理器和图形处理器, 工作站, 个人电脑和嵌入式系统.



柏树 offers a broad portfolio of low-power to high-performance microcontrollers (MCUs) for the consumer, 工业及mg冰球突破全屏下载市场.



芯片提供了微控制器, 串行EEP罗和SRAM设备, 嵌入式安全设备, 射频(RF)设备, 热, 电源和电池管理模拟设备, 也是线性的, 接口和无线解决方案.



NXP为工业和消费市场提供嵌入式控制器. They have a broad portfolio of MCUs with low-power, analog, control, and communications IP.



瑞萨 is one of the world's largest auto semiconductor and microcontroller manufacturers.



德州仪器公司 is an American technology company that designs and manufactures semiconductors and various integrated circuits, 它将哪些mg冰球突破全屏下载卖给全球的电子设计师和制造商.


In order to make it easy to search through a vast inventory of electronic components, VRG Components开发了一个部件查找器.  输入零件或mg冰球突破全屏下载编号,浏览我们的整个库存.  Once you have found the components you are looking for, you can request a quote that fits your needs.  Our sales team will contact you within 30 minutes to tailor your quotation for hard-to-find components.

找到你的电子元件 寻找难以找到的微控制器和处理器mg冰球突破全屏下载? 使用零件查找器或与我们mg冰球突破豪华版下载.



认证器,微控制器,安全微控制器 & TPM

嵌入式系统开发板 & 包

处理器:  应用程序处理器 & SOCs, Audio 处理器s, Digital Signal 处理器s (DSPs), Microprocessors, Video 处理器s



二极管、晶体管 & 晶体闸流管

二极管、晶体管和晶闸管都是半导体器件的类型. A diode is a two-terminal electronic component that conducts current primarily in one direction. A transistor is a semiconductor device used to amplify or switch electronic signals and electrical power. A thyristor is a solid-state semiconductor device with four layers of alternating P- and N-type materials. 它只起双稳态开关的作用, 当栅极接收到电流触发器时进行传导, and continuing to conduct until the voltage across the device is reversed biased, 或者直到电压被消除.

Electromechanical switch in the form of a toggle switch isolated on white background


An electromechanical switch uses a mechanical action to change the direction or orientation of path continuity within its terminal base. Many power supplies include them as an alternate means of clamping off power without the need to unplug the device. 它们在商业中很常见, 家庭, and automotive applications because of their durable construction and long life cycle.



内存 is a generic term for different types of data storage technology that includes RAM, 罗, 和闪存.

VRG Components是您理想的合作伙伴

我们的客户经常面临快速找到库存的压力.  零件必须符合质量标准并准时到达.

Global customers choose VRG Components for our ability to secure the products they need, 我们交货的速度, 我们的可靠性, 质量, 以及我们持续的客户支持.  In other words, VRG is the essential supply chain partner that can provide you with peace of mind.

  • 无与伦比的全球供应链
  • 在30分钟或更短的时间内得到报价
  • 质量集中 & AS9120B / ISO 9001: 2015认证
  • 高质量的mg冰球突破全屏下载
  • 有竞争力的价格
  • 灵活的付款方式

VRGmg冰球突破全屏下载已通过AS9120B / ISO 9001: 2015认证.  Our Quality Management System contains strict 质量 guidelines and rigorous counterfeit avoidance measures so you can rely on the 质量 of the electronic parts you receive from us.  Get everything you need by contacting VRG Components for your electronic parts needs.

We focus on quickly delivering top 质量 electronics components such as 单片机 and 处理器 components.  Our sourcing team is able to accomplish this due to our extensive global connections with carefully selected suppliers.










单片机s and processors are utilized a wide variety of consumer electronics such as appliances, 电动工具, 玩具和遥控器.



单片机s and processors are utilized a wide variety of automotive applications such as mg冰球突破全屏下载 motor speed control, 温度控制和AV多媒体系统.


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